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Application OOB Self-lubrication Bearings

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During the last decade, OOB has been successfully developed various kinds of self-lubricated bearing materials which are suitable for the applications of undercarriage parts, hydraulic components and so on. These materials include bi-metal marginal lubricating bushings, Metallic Bushings and Metal-polymer composite bushings. These bearing materials boast excellent wear resistance and anti-dust performance under the condition of high load. Meanwhile, the maintenance period is greatly prolonged, the equipment utilization rate is increased and the maintenance cost is reduced by virtue of the self-lubrication technology.

High Performance Bearing Solutions for Oil & Gas Applications
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OOB bearings offer exceptional performance over a widerange of load, speed and temperature conditions. Theself-lubricating materials are resistant to wear, chemicals,cavitation, flow erosion and fatigue, making them idealfor a wide range of uses in oil and gas operations.From the top of the derrick to the ocean floor and fromthe pipeline to the pump, our bearing solutions providelonger service life, reduced maintenance and grease-freeoperation in the following applications:HYDRAULIC BUSHING ,ROUGHNECK UNITS BUSHING,TOP DRIVE UNITS BUSHING,PUMP JACKS BUSHING,DRAW WORKS BUSHING,BLOWOUT PREVENTERS BUSHING,VALVES BUSHING

Automotive Industry
OOB developed the range of OOB-50, OOB-40 and OOB-80 self-lubricating sliding bearings conforms to the European Directives of the environment and RoHS regulation for applications:
Doors, bonnets, boots,... hinges bushing
Wipers bushing
Shock absorbers bushing
Steering systems bushing
Pedals bushing
Starters and seat control systems bearings...
OOB specially develops OOB-10,OOB-20 and OOB-50 .The self-lubricating bearings are installed at over 30 positions of a passenger car such as tension pulley, air condition compressor, secondary air valve, fuel pump, starting motor, gearbox, steering pump, steering column, shock absorber, braking system, pedal assembly, seat adjustment system, door hinge, trunk hinge, engine hood hinge, windscreen wiper, etc.

Plastic Injection Machinery

OOB has introduced the self-lubricating bearing design concept in the field of plastic injection machinery since 2006 and successfully provided various self-lubricating bearings including OOB-50 for the world-class plastic injection machine manufacturers. The self-lubricating bearing guarantees the safe and long-acting operation due to low friction, high load, durability and free maintenance.

Hydraulic Components

Our company develops self-lubricating metal-polymer bearings suitable for fluid lubrication under heavy load and high speed working conditions which are widely applied to the industries such as gear pump, plunger pump, vane pump, compressor, hydraulic cylinder, etc.

Material Handling Machinery and Harbor Machinery

The OOB series bearings are used with its advanced self-lubricating performance in fork-lift trucks, conveyors, cranes, port machinery....

The self-lubricating bearing features free maintenance, low cost and corrosion resistance compared with the traditional rolling bearing and is widely applied to outdoor material handling machinery including trucks, forklifts, lifting platform vehicle, harbor machinery, etc.

Punch Presser, Forging and Stamping Machinery

OOB self-lubricating bearing is commonly used for rotating and sliding worktable parts of machine tools.

It greatly cuts down the maintenance cost, prolongs service life, reduces running noise and improves working environment due to low friction coefficient, excellent wear resistance under the condition of impact load as well as self-lubricating property.

Agriculture Machinery
The self-lubricating bearing is widely applied to the positions incapable of lubrication or with difficulty in forming oil film such as hydraulic cylinder, suspension system and key parts of combine-harvesters, seeders, banding machines, pulverizers and tractors owing to the free maintenance and good wear resistance under the working conditions such as dust, outdoor, etc.
The OOB sliding bearings have a large place in the agricultural and forestry machines such as :
rear and front elevators of tractors
pivots of ploughs
front loaders
soil preparation equipments
mower machines,…

Axial plunger pump bushings
Manufacturers of hydraulic pumps and motors for construction,
agricultural, material handling, industrial and other types of
equipment rely on our high-precision, aluminum alloy bushing
blocks and metal-polymer bearings for their excellent friction
and wear properties.

OA Equipment

By virtue of simple structure, light weight, no need of oiling, low noise and long service life...

OOB self-lubricating bearing is widely used for office automation equipment.

Typical applications include joints and reciprocation parts of fax machines, duplicators, paper shredders, scanners and printers.

The self-lubricating sliding bearings are the best products for rotating, linear movements of photocopiers, printers components, or seats…

Food Machinery

Composite Bearings for Safe Food Processing and Speed in Packaging

Self-lubricating composite and polymer bearings deliver for the food industry

Engineered bearings excel in demanding food applications where sanitation and speed matter; such as the mixers and proof carts of commercial bakeries; on the drills and ovens in poultry plants; and the fillers and conveyors of beverage bottlers.

The self-lubricating bearing is featured with no need of oiling or low oil consumption and is free from harmful substances, so it has obvious advantages in the industries with strict requirements on cleanliness and environmental protection such as textile machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, food machinery, beverage canning machinery, etc.

Energy Facility

Self-lubricating bearing bush produced by OOB is suitable for support and swing parts of new energy machineries. It could satisfy the requirements for long-term use and free maintenance and provides convenient use for wind power generation, solar power generation, hydraulic power generation, etc.

The self-lubricating sliding bearings are used with success for:

segment valves, wagon valves, flap gates


moveable bridges

Gall chains

screen rakes

hydraulic turbines,..

Fitness and Gym Equipment

The self-lubricating bearing is light and with cost-efficiency.

At the same time, the maintenance free feature of the bearing provides the optimized applications to different kinds of fitness and Gym equipment.

Construction Machines


The OOB-20, OOB-50,OOB-80 products have a good place in the articulations of jibs, arms, hydraulic cylinders,…

OOB developed a range of bi-metallic welded flange bearings type OOB-80, especially for the heavy construction machines.

The applications are track rollers, idle rollers and carrier rollers.



Mechanical transmissions


FLYWHEEL BEARING ( repair dual mass flywheels)



Bottling bearing

Hydraulic bushing

Agricultural Machinery

ForkliftGear bushing

Valve Bushing

Bearings for Engineering Machinery

We are proud to serve many industries in their industrial bronze, industrial brass and self-lubricating bronze bearings needs.

We have brought together a wide range of industrial alloys specific to Shipping Machinery, Automotive, Hydraulic Power Station, Marine & Naval, and General Engineering.


Port solution Self-lubricating bearing

Self-lubricating bearing

Spare Parts Straddle Self-lubricating bearing

Carrier bushing Self-lubricating bearing

Straddle carrier Self-lubricating bearing china supplier

OOB Bearings are used in drilling applications, such as drilling system and equipment. OOB bearing as a powerful and reliable, self-lubricating bearing in drill design, drilling and well completion equipment, cranes, winches and are applied in pipeline detection equipment. Challenge slurry erosion, high temperature and high load operation condition and corrosion. OOB products in various innovative applications provide efficient bearing solutions.

On a variety of pipe handling equipment use OOB products.OOB products without lubrication and is the guarantee of stable operation under extreme conditions. Hydraulic driller mobile drill pipe, abrasive contaminants is to bearing continued reliable operation a continuing challenge.. OOB® -10, OOB-50 products in these harsh conditions with high load, excellent strength and durability.

From mast top to the bottom of the sea, from the pipeline pump bearing solutions, we provide longer service life, reduce maintenance and grease high-performance bearing, in all kinds of oil and gas recovery applications include:

Valve stainless steel bearings,

The actuator sliding bearings,

Steam-water pipes bushing,

The skateboard bushing,

The iron roughneck bearings,

Top drive bearings,

Sucker bearings ,

Painting works bearings,

Blow valve bearings,

Marine riser tension

Crane, platform and pulleys bearings

Lift winch and chock bearings

Waterproof and airtight door bearings



Valve Specialist Valves stainless steel bearing bushing Accessories

APPLICATION :Hydraulic cylinder bearing,Pumps bushing

Metallic Self-lubricating bearings


Higher Load Harden steel bearings

APPLICATION: Bucket Bushes

Bi-metallic Composite Bearings

APPLICATION:T/R.C/R, Idle roller

OOB company mainly produces bearings for export. All business and cooperation are welcome.

Products are sold throughout the country, and has a large number of flat washers, bearings accessories exports Europe and the United States.

OOB Bearings is a full line industrial oilless bearing manufacturer specializing in agricultural, forklift, and insert bearings.

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American Plain bearing

American Self-lubricating bearings



Spanish bushing

Germany gleitlager

Втулка Втулки Russia

bushing gleitlager Russia

Australian Plain bearings

italy boccole

non ferrous bearing bush india

Earthmover's bushing brass bushes

tin plated, bronze, graphite inserts, bimetal bushing


Hydraulic Cylinder pivot bushing Cabin Door Hinge, Control Lever, Pedal &SeatPivots& bushing

Hydraulic Pumps & Motors, TransmissionTransfer Cases, Differentials &Dual Mass FlyWheels bearing bushing Wiper Arms &Mechanism bushing



OOB BEARINGoffers a comprehensive selection of plain bearing solutions to meet the world’s most demanding bearing needs. We manufacture Metal-Polymer, Solid Polymer,

Filament Wound, Metal and Bi-Metal bearings in addition to a range of supporting assemblies, bushing blocks and thrust plates. Industries served include:GLOBAL FOOTPRINT 

OOB BEARING operates manufacturing, sales, service and support locations around the globe. This vast network of resources and expertise enables us to respond promptly to your bearing needs wherever you do business. Our global management and manufacturing systems comply with all major international quality, environmental and 

safety standards and certifications.

• Oil & Gas

• Aerospace

• Construction

• Agriculture

• Automotive

• Recreational

• Energy

• Fluid Power

• General Industrial

• Primary Metals

Cuscinetti autolubrificanti a strisciamento: trova il tuo cuscinetto ideale nella vasta gamma di boccole OOB nei seguenti materiali: metallo polimero, termoplastici, filamenti avvolti e bronzo sinterizzato

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